Is the situation a little clearer?

Is the situation a little clearer?

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The quality of water from the communal pipeline has decreased so much in recent years that more and more people prefer to buy water in bottles. Or they are thinking about how to purify the water from impurities. This is exactly what we will talk about today. The main problem of water from the communal pipeline is a lot of impurities of different types. They have a negative impact on human health. The dominant pollutants are chlorine, mechanical impurities, organic matter (bacteria and microbes).
More attention should be paid to what people throw into the sewerage system.
Purification Technologies

Unfortunately, the majority of municipal water supply and purification facilities experience a significant lack of funds, and financing of new technologies is, as a rule, expensive and therefore unavailable.Distillation is also an effective technology to reduce water soluble contaminants.A potential problem is that organic substances with boiling points close to water temperature can also evaporate and enter the distillate.
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